Thursday, 10 September 2015


This post has been lurking in drafts since our holidays - poor internet connection prevented me from adding pictures, so I'm posting it now.  Pretend I'm still in France, it's 40 degrees outside, the sun is shining and I have a glass of 3 quid AOC white wine in my hand!

Cobbles have always been a bit lost on me. They look very historic and picturesque but even walking they're hard work - as any number of turned ankles evidences. On wheels, they're a nightmare. However, there are good cobbles and bad cobbles. Good ones look as good, perhaps better, but are a smooth enough surface to wheel over without trapping a caster, which carries the threat of an undignified headfirst tumble out of the chair. Good cobbles also take a fraction of the effort to push across.

We got quite a lot of experience of different cobbles surfaces in Amiens, where the signage for the disabled entrance to the cathedral has disappeared due to building works. Here's some lovely cobbles from Amiens:

 photo FD3A4C20-E882-4AC7-B812-23029616EDE1.jpg

And here's some that aren't. Notice that the good ones look nicer and are free of cigarette ends. These were only a few metres up the same street.

 photo D49D0001-7AA1-4239-8A8E-4CCEA995CC85.jpg

This evening we had dinner in a family restaurant, Leon, on the outskirts of Amiens. The man at the next table had the same model of Quickie Helium as me, but larger casters. Maybe that was for the cobbles!

Here's a few shots from Amiens.   The Cathedral was wheelchair accessible (aside from dodgy cobbles and a slightly too steep ramp at one point) but the entrance was poorly signposted as there were building works.

 photo D8BC6F1B-0682-44B2-AC7D-D45F0FDC4641_1.jpg

 photo B734E38C-3501-4990-862C-E35BFB590D76.jpg

 photo 0D1F2B44-A563-4EFB-B30A-6AA1D698896D.jpg

 photo E8D07FDE-F05C-4D2F-B62F-532A14B03801.jpg

And we found a New Zealand memorial inside.

 photo 77BD5DA6-5278-44D3-AD37-EF22570CAACC_1.jpg

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