Sunday, 6 February 2011

More Travelling

Kudos to CCS Disability Action, who operate New Zealand's disabled parking permit system.  They have a very easy process to apply for a New Zealand permit online and have the permit sent to your accommodation (or in my case, brother) to await your arrival.  All they need is a scanned copy of whatever the local equivalent is where you live - in my case the "blue badge".

A pity the UK can't reciprocate with this.

OTOH, it is possible to use UK (and other EU) permits throughout the EU and usually airport parking will let you use the disabled space, but take your blue badge with you on holiday - they usually ask you to let the attendant know as you are leaving.

1 comment:

  1. My mum used to always bring her disabled permit to the UK, and it used it in supermarkets, etc. Never had a complaint.
    She's not brought it here to Chile, but I'm sure it would work here as well. The only thing it isn't good for in the UK is free parking. Not sure if it would let you park on a single yellow either.