Saturday, 17 July 2010

First post

Well, the inevitable first post. What to say? I've been thinking about this idea for a while, as various things have happened and I have thought "I should blog about that". My old general purpose but non-public blog has been neglected but I do like the idea of a more public forum for this sort of stuff. So, this seemed the ideal time to start it - apart, of course, from the 2,500 word essay about direct payments (see - relevance!) due on Tuesday night...

Why Pollyanna? Well, the link with crutches is obvious! A few weeks ago, right when I started using crutches (still had just my NHS ones) I was at a meeting at work and my then-boss started talking about being "Pollyanna-ish" about our current financial situation. I was about ready to hand him my crutches the third time! What I do want to take from Pollyanna though is the idea of making the best of things, not letting it get me down. It's something I am working hard on in myself, but I'm hoping to get there.

I am hoping to blog about how I work my way through this new world of being more disabled, but also more enabled, because now I accept I need more help I am less restricted than I was. Inevitably I am sure other things will come up and I am hoping to mostly blog about doing other stuff through the lens of someone who uses crutches (or whatever the future may hold) rather than depressing posts about medical this and that. There's definitely a post or two in the works about my recent holiday in France. And one about my beloved car. And another about the relevant merits of French crutches, compared to their NHS counterparts.

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  1. Credit where credit is due - Thanks to Bopeepsheep (she can add her real name if she wishes) who took the picture of L and I at Arromanches while we were in France.